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My Collection of Star Wars .WAV

900years.wav Yoda: When 900 years old you reach, look as good you will not! 44 KB
afraid.wav Luke: I'm not afraid! Yoda: You will be! 238 KB
allclear.wav Han: All Clear Kid! Now let's blow this thing and go home! 35 KB
artoosays.wav C3P0: R2 says the chances of survival are... 94 KB
dodonot.wav Yoda: Do, or do not; there is no try. 196 KB
droids.wav Stormtrooper: Look sir, Droids! (Best Line in Star Wars) 15 KB
enufofu.wav C3PO: I've just about had enough of you! 23 KB
expectu.wav Darth Vader: The emperor has been expecting you... 26 KB
fail.wav Luke: I don't believe it... Yoda: That is why you fail. 708 KB
forcealways.wav Ben: Remember, the force will be with you. Always... 34 KB
grt_shot.wav Han: Great shot kid! That was one in a million! 34 KB
help-me.wav Princess Leia: Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, you are by only hope. 29 KB
helpyou.wav Yoda: Help you I can; Yes, mmmmmm. 60 KB
imprsive.wav Darth Vader: (Breathing) Impressive... (During fight with Luke) 47 KB
jaba.wav Jaba laughing 77 KB
jedi3.wav Vader: The force is with you young Skywalker, but you are not a jedi yet. 77 KB
joinus.wav Darth Vader: He will join us or die, master. 41 KB
lukecompany.wav Han: Luke, We're gonna have company! 14 KB
lukeprats.wav Luke: Well, I used to bullseye Wamprats in my T-16 back home... 50 KB
mistaken.wav Emperor: You will find that it is you who are mistaken... 108 KB
nerfherder.wav Leia: Why you stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking Nerfherder 113 KB
noharm.wav Yoda: Away put your weapon, I mean you no harm! 52 KB
patience.wav Yoda: Patience! 15 KB
prbdroid.wav The Imperial probe droid on Hoth transmitting. 113 KB
sobig.wav Yoda: How you get so big eating food of this kind? 32 KB
strong.wav Yoda: Strong am I with the force! 45 KB
trynot.wav Yoda: No! Try Not! Do or do not! There is no try. 64 KB
unfairly.wav Vader: Perhaps you think you've been treated unfairly. 38 KB
upsetwookie.wav Han: It's not wise to upset a wookie. 18 KB
willdie.wav Emperor: Now young Skywalker, you will die. 38 KB
yodafond.wav Yoda: Looking.. Found someone you have I would say, hmmm? 56 KB
yoda-r2.wav Yoda and R2 fight over Lukes lamp 763 KB


Star Wars Misc .WAVs

blaster.wav Blaster Sound 6 KB
cantina.wav Song in Cantina 144 KB
emptheme.wav Short Empire Theme Music 79 KB
falcon.wav The Millenium Falcon flies by to Yavin Four Base 175 KB
flying.wav A tie fighter flying 12 KB
flourish.wav Music when the Rebels Flourish 125 KB
impblast.wav Imperial Sounding Blaster 7 KB
mystery.wav Mysterious Music 125 KB
opening.wav Star Wars Theme Music 511 KB
r2d2-1.wav R2D2 Talking Chirps 9 KB
r2d2-2.wav R2D2 Saying Something Else 11 KB
riflblst.wav A Rifle Blast (Sustained) 16 KB
rifle.wav Rifle Blast 8 KB
saber.wav Soft Light Saber Sound 6 KB
saberout.wav Sound of Light Saber Powering Up 7 KB
saberswg.wav Sound of Light Saber Swinging 7 KB
speeder.wav Landspeeder Sound 12 KB
tieby.wav Tie Fighter flying by 15 KB
truckin.wav An Imperial Stormtrooper Transport Stopping 15 KB
truckout.wav An Imperial Stormtrooper Transport Starting 19 KB
tryagain.wav Somber Music when Rebels are down 394 KB
twirp.wav Another R2D2 Twirp 35 KB
vader.wav (Darth Vader breathing) 102 KB
vader2.wav Darth Vader Breathing Sound 17 KB
walker.wav Imperial Walker (probably AT-AT) 7 KB
wookie.wav Classic Chewbacca Growl 12 KB
xwing.wav An xwing flying by 83 KB
xwingby.wav X-Wing flying by 17 KB
xwingin.wav X-Wing flying in 17 KB
xwingout.wav X-Wing flying out 21 KB
youwin.wav Victory Music for Rebels 201 KB

My Collection of Star Wars MIDI

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